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Working our way through one step at a time

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First day results and second day [Apr. 9th, 2008|07:55 pm]
Working our way through one step at a time


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Day one:
Morgan's first day of meds was a hard one. He was anxious when I left the school and wanted me to stay and then cried, by his report, five times through the day and had other heightened emotion things going as well. When we picked him up he was in a great mood, composed, talkative --not in his random way-- but happy to explain his day and how he felt. Which for those of you who don't know, never happens. Aikido went well, with a few reminders and then he was polite and reasonable and we went out for a late dinner, where he picked something new to eat *GASP* without fuss and was mostly composed while eating. At 8ish we started to see more craziness, which is to be expected, since it was 14 hours after the meds and also it was bedtime -- but he made it through and even went to bed well, but with a tummyache.

Teacher said he did semi acceptable work in time alloted, but had to rewrite due to messiness.

Day two:
Still high emotionality -- reportedly good at school, but was 1/2 class, 1/2 afterschool from 12:30 on. We picked him up at 4:30 and he fell to pieces because he was waiting to go outside and had been waiting and we showed up, just before the time came for him to go outside.

There were tears and tantrum the likes of which we seldom see anymore and it was frown worthy. This afternoon he has not been anyhow calmer or more composed or anything of the like. Swim happened -- getting changed with Dylan around was not calmer --Morgan was not more in control of himself and he was easily dissapointed when it was time to go and we couldn't wait for Dylan to get picked up --tears and all.