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Morgan school plan 08-09 - Working our way through one step at a time [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Working our way through one step at a time

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Morgan school plan 08-09 [May. 27th, 2008|11:44 am]
Working our way through one step at a time


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School Planning for 08-09.
Brian, Susan, Sally
Amber, Holly
May 27. 2008

Thank you, Brian and Susan

I Should Morgan stay in the primes classroom next year? Is it even possible?
• Many kids do two years
• Catch up on classroom skills
• Catch up on social skills, tends to run a year behind anyway
• Confidence and positive feedback
• Teachers that understand him

• Boredom with curriculum
• Embarrassment this year and in coming years of being the oldest
• Feeling penalized
• Not getting a fresh start
• Not synching with the class for next year (Who is staying for a second year?)

II Summer Study/Efforts
• What needs to be worked on personally, socially and academically
• What should he have mastered?

III How can we be better GCS parents, either in or out of Primes.

• Daily communication
  o Easy for teachers
  o Clear and objective for parents
  o Private and positive for Morgan

• What we need
   o is resources to use,
   o support for current treatments
   o consistent feedback and suggestions for classroom management
• What Morgan needs
  o Privacy about ADHD, including medication talk
  o Positive encouragement of self, not of current treatment
  o Rewards, goals and charts, physical reminders of what he can feel good about
  o Freedom to be as wacky as other kids without it just being adhd or his meds not working.
  o Time and assistance in writing new behavior scripts, because now that he can focus he needs to learn a new way of acting and reacting.
  o Space to feel bad/mad/sad because this has been a lot for one little boy in a year and it is genuinely hard even when you do not see him trying anything.